Monday, February 22, 2010

I know I know....


This is absolutely not claymation, but it is an image based video, and it always amazes me. I think it could definitely inspire some out of the box ideas for this class. I'm thinking growing plants, melting candle, rotting fruit, decaying roadkill........... (you know I love that smelly aesthetic!) But think process based... this is the direction I'm taking. I know in my last post I was contemplating the sand art, and trust me, that idea is possible for one of my future works. However, for my first 30 second masterpiece (I am oh-so-kidding), I'm going to be working with styrofoam and acetone. The reaction is fantastic and so cool, the chemical eats away at this material like a disease, which I suppose is why it appeals to me so much!

Well, please watch this video it is definitely worth it. Check out this guy's other work too, he's pretty cool, just click on the finished works link at the top left corner. I don't remember how I came across him, but he seems awesome. He's got a matchbook ASL alphabet... and a middle finger. In fact, here's the link to that because it's pretty cool too.


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